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Ravenbank Governing Body

Who can be a Governor?

Anyone who is eighteen or over, a legal resident of the UK and not disqualified under the School Governance Constitution (England) Regulations 2003 is eligible for the role.You do not need to be a parent or have any particular qualifications to become a governor, enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference are the most important qualities a volunteer can have.

Ravenbank is an inclusive school where equality is a core principle.  The Governing Body will work in partnership with the Head to develop and drive the strategic vision of the school and to ensure a whole school culture and environment within which everyone is empowered to work together to achieve success.

The Governing Body will hold the school to account with regard to achievement, challenging it to promote excellent progress, high expectations and enjoyment for all, in an exciting, creative and innovative learning culture where children are safe and feel confident, engaged and fulfilled. 
We will oversee the effective leadership and management of the school to ensure that the provision for the children is the best that it can be.  The Governing Body will encourage the school to secure the commitment of the wider community to Ravenbank, by engendering productive partnerships with, for example, schools, other services and agencies for children, the Local Authority, higher education institutions and employers.

The governing body upholds the school’s mission statement: 
‘Working together to achieve success.’

We want all our children to become:

• Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve

• Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
• Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

The core purpose of the governing body is as follows:

• To develop and drive the strategic vision of the school

• To hold the school to account with regard to achievement
• To ensure a whole school culture and environment which achieves success

Meet the Governors

Anne Cleminson
Co-opted Governor
Jan Halloran
LA Governor
Anne-Marie Cripps
Parent Governor
Natalie Barker
Parent Governor
Marcia Dale
Co-opted Governor
Susan Nixon
Co-opted Governor
Cassandra Bloxsom
Co-opted Governor
Rachel Cain
Co-opted Governor

Fay Hurrell
Staff Governor
Lesa Sadeghi
Co-opted Governor
Julie Hughes
Parent Governor
Nick Stone
Parent Governor


Governance Arrangements

Governor Structure

Committee - Finance and Premises

Chair: Cassandra Bloxom
Vice Chair: Sue Nixon
Members: Julie Hughes, Natalie Barker, Rachel Cain, Lesley Sweeney, Nick Stone

The purpose of the Committee is to develop and oversee the financial governance of the school. The Committee also has delegated responsibility for developing and maintaining school premises.



Committee - Educational Standards and Achievement

Chair:Jan Halloran
Vice Chair: Anne-Marie Cripps
Members: Julie Hughes, Lesa Sadeghi, Natalie Barker, Marcia Dale, Lesley Sweeney,Fay Hurrell
The purpose of the Committee is to promote and ensure the delivery of high standards of educational achievement through an ‘Innovative and Creative Curriculum’ and Quality First Teaching. The Committee also has delegated responsibility for developing and ensuring the culture and practice of ‘Inclusion’ as well as the governance of safeguarding policies for children. 


Committee - Staff and Stakeholder

Chair: Natalie Barker
Vice Chair: Julie Hughes
Members: Jan Halloran, Rachel Cain, Marcia Dale, Cass Bloxsom, Lesley Sweeney, Sue Nixon

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that our children are surrounded with outstanding people and that the school staffing complement supports the schools aims and ethos and is affordable. The Committee is also responsible for engaging with other stakeholder groups in particular the parent community.

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